Dropzone Nation Hive Buster Cup Season 1 (425€) - Event #4

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  •   8 jugador Double Elimination
  •   Dropzone
  •   Junio 17, 2017 a las 8:00 PM CEST
  •   Check-in: Cerrado
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- IMPORTANT: check in required 30 minutes before tournament start at latest!

- IMPORTANT: after sign-up a player has to use an alternate battle-tag in the following structure: [Team/Sponsor]Name#Number | (e.g.) [DZN]Paradelton#9435 (Your specific number is located on your ingame profil, if you hover over it with your mouse!!)

- IMPORTANT: a player has to be in the official DZN Discord Server at the #tournament-events and be able to contact with the organizers & opponnents

- IMPORTANT: after every match, the winning player should take a screenshot from the ending scoreboard and is responsible to send it to Paradelton via Discord or in the right text-channel and for reporting their scores correctly

- stream @ twitch.tv/dropzonenation

- unlimited entries; anyone can participate!

- excluded from the Hive Buster Cup are tournament's hosts, bracket managers, analysts, casters & main event casters

- game devs (sparkypants & gameforge members) & DZN staff are not allowed to recieve any physical or money reward but are allowed to participate for glory and fun! Also if they might secure a money or CP spot, set money and CP will not go to waste, but will rather go to the next finished place!

Tournament dates:

Event 1: April 15th at 8 pm CEST / 11:00 am PDT / 2:00 pm EDT

Event 2: May 6th at 8 pm CEST / 11:00 am PDT / 2:00 pm EDT

Event 3: May 27th  at 8 pm CEST / 11:00 am PDT / 2:00 pm EDT

Event 4: June 17th at 8 pm CEST / 11:00 am PDT / 2:00 pm EDT

S1 Main Event: July 1st at 8 pm CEST / 11:00 am PDT / 2:00 pm EDT

General Rules:


- Registration: Possible until 2 hours before tournament starts

- Upper seed chooses server
- Lower seed chooses map, first ban & first pick (If bo3: After a match loser will get every seed benefits.)

- Double elimination

- All rounds are bo1 until Winners-, Losers- and Grand Final, which will be bo3

- CUSTOM DRAFT MODE (You will at least need 9 Rigs. Prepare your builds, Commanders! Emergency rule: Blind pick, if one player does not have set amount of Rigs.)

PICK/BAN Formula & Seeding:

Lower Seed: bans 1 Rig.

Upper Seed: bans 2 Rigs.

Lower Seed: picks 1 Rig.

Upper Seed: picks 2 Rigs.

Lower Seed: picks 2 Rigs.

Upper Seed: picks 1 Rig.

- seeding via official game ranking list

- people below top ranking list will be seeded randomly below

Disconnect Rules:

If a player disconnects before the two minute mark the game should be remade.

- If a player disconnects after the two minute mark it will be counted as a default loss, unless their opponent agrees to replay or unless an admin declares the game to be replayed.

- Rearranged games have to use the same rig set-ups as the initial game.

General Rules

- If a player is unresponsive or does not show up for 10 minutes from the first available start time for their match they will be disqualified in a BO1, or lose the first map in a BO3. After 20 minutes in a BO3 it will be a disqualification.

- If the admin / stream may request players to wait before starting their match, if players do not wait when told to do so the match will be voided & replayed.

- All loadouts, abilities & rigs are available.

DZN Ranking System:

At every event players are able to obtain so called "Core Points (CP)" for a quarterly seasoned ranking system: the "Core Board (CB)".

These earned CP will also count into a "Yearly Total Core Board". People will be able to get more CP in major tournaments such as Main Events (Seasonal Finals) and maybe other special events in the future.

If a player manages to claim one of the top spots in the Total CB by the end of Dropzone Nation Hive Buster Cup Season 4 Main Event, he will qualify for the Dropzone Nation Hive Buster International Championship, where he will fight for a much greater prize pool and the title: "DZN Hive Buster International Champion"!

==Season 1 Core Board==

- 1st Rinka 260 CP - 2nd Zuck3r 250 CP - 3rd OhLee 160 CP -4th JexicaL 111 CP - 5th anXieTy 100 CP - 6th [RIT]Ralik 70 CP - 6th BlasterZ 70 CP - 8th yoon25 45 CP - 9th ancient-heart 40 CP - 10th printf 20 CP - 10th ElliRose 20 CP - 10th FramePerfect 20 CP -13th JoyfulRogue 10 CP -13th MarineKing 10 CP -13th The Mayor 10 CP -16th Dae-mon 5 CP -16th weebee 5 CP -16th [SGW]Seal 5 CP -16th [NEP] Frostee94 5 CP -16th TheMoGaming 5 CP -21th Bonta 1 CP -21th psiPengWin 1 CP -21th [RIT]EpiChlo 1 CP

Prizes in Season 1 Event #1-4 (40€ prize pool each):

- 1st place will earn 160 CP + 25,00€ cash

- 2nd place will earn 100 CP  +  10,00€  cash

- 3rd place will earn 70 CP +  5,00€ paysafecard

- 4th place will earn 40 CP

- 5th & 6th place will earn 20 CP

- 7th & 8th place will earn 10 CP

- 9th - 12th place will earn 5 CP

- 13th - 16th place will earn 1 CP

Prizes in Season 1 Main Event (265€ prize pool):

1st place will earn 400 CP + 90,00€ cash

2nd place will earn 250 CP + 60,00€ cash

3rd place will earn  200 CP + 40,00€ cash

4th place will earn  160 CP + 25,00€ cash

5th & 6th place will earn  130 CP + 15,00€ cash

7th & 8th place will earn  100 CP + 10,00€ cash
- 9th - 12th place will earn  70 CP
- 13th - 16th place will earn  40 CP

First Dropzone Hive Buster Cup International Championship:

Start: After Season 4 Main Event has concluded.

Yearly CB will come into play~
More information will follow~

Good luck Commanders!

Resultados Finales

Campeón Supremo: oHLee
Digno Adversario: Zuck3r
Quizás la próxima vez: Ralik

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