DZN Beta Cup #2

  • 2 team Single Elimination  
  • Dropzone  
  • May 23, 2017 at 7:00 PM CEST  
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- IMPORTANT: check in required 30 minutes before tournament start at latest!

- IMPORTANT: after sign-up a player has to use an alternate battle-tag in the following structure: [Team/Sponsor]TeamCaptain#Number | (e.g.) [DZN]Paradelton#9435 (Your specific number is located on your ingame profil, if you hover over it with your mouse!!)

- IMPORTANT: all players have to be in the official DZN Discord Server at the #tournament-events and be able to contact with the organizers & opponnents

- IMPORTANT: after every match, the winning players should take a screenshot from the ending scoreboard and is responsible to send it to Majus via Discord, in the right text-channel or attach it to challonge as well as for reporting their scores correctly

-IMPORTANT: Game Mode for May 16th: 3v3

- stream @

- unlimited entries; anyone can participate!

- game devs (sparkypants & gameforge members) & DZN staff are not allowed to recieve any physical or money reward but are allowed to participate for glory and fun! Also if they might secure a money spot, set money will not go to waste, but will rather get added to the next Beta Cup prize pool!

Now that the Battle of the Rigs as well as the friendzone cups have concluded and the ESL Beta Cups are on hiatus, we felt that there was something missing in the competitive Dropzone environment.

In order to fill the Tuesday evening gap, we will start hosting cups similar to the ESL Cups that you’re used to. So let us give you a quick rundown on how this will work,what the rules are and if there will be some differences to the ESL Cups.

Who can participate?

  • Everyone can participate

  • Participants need to join the DZN Discord

  • Registration will be done via Challonge (link)

What are the rules?

  • Best of 1, starting Semi Finals Best of 3, Single Elimination

  • Every loadout, Rig and ability is allowed

  • Remakes can only happen, if someone disconnects before two minutes into the match, exceptions are major bugs. The same loadout has to be used in the remake.

  • For 3v3 only: Duplicate Rigs are not allowed.

When will it take place?

  • Check-in: 18:30 CEST

  • Cup start: 19:00 CEST

What’s new?

  • Prize pool! Every winner will recieve 5€ via PayPal (We know it’s not much, but unfortunately, Bill Gates is not part of the DZN Staff) We might get some ingame prize’s so stay tuned!

  • Varying game modes! With the release of the 3v3 mode as well as ranked draft, we’re gonna have different weekly tournaments. All game modes will be included. There might be different rule sets for the different game modes. You can find the detailed rules on every tournament’s challonge page.

최종 결과

최정상 챔피언: [DZN]Majus#5373
주목 받을 강자: [RPS] AI: Higitsune#1923

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